Amy Winehouse photographed in London in 2004

Amy Winehouse photographed in London in 2004

Friday Aug 29 12:13pm
Friday Aug 29 12:11pm

Friday Aug 29 12:04pm



today a customer asked me for a “medium whatever” and then got frustrated with me when i asked him what he meant

this is it 

this is the post that 100% accurately describes working with the public

Friday Aug 29 12:02pm


"Well, then why should we do anything more than once? Should I just smoke this one cigarette? Maybe we should only have sex once, if it’s the same thing. Should we just watch one sunset? Or live just one day? It’s new every time, each time is a different experience."

Friday Aug 29 11:53am

Anonymous said: Can I motorboat you?

u prob already have

Thursday Aug 28 11:42pm
Thursday Aug 28 03:35pm
Thursday Aug 28 03:34pm

Anonymous said: strippers are so fucking dirty


Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your dad leaving your family every weekend to come make it rain on me. 


Thursday Aug 28 03:34pm
I hate everyone

I hate everyone

Thursday Aug 28 12:11pm
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